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From "Manfred Geiler" <>
Subject Re: [Important] Ugly bug in core pom.xml for 1.1.2 and 1.1.3
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 07:36:10 GMT
On 4/25/06, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> > Actually when you build a custom project with a myfaces-impl-1.1.2
> > dependency Maven 2.0.4 tries to download the myfaces-master-1.0.1release(!)
> > from, which
> > is subject to fail of course.
> > Try it out!
> OK now I see what you are saying.  I didn't realize this was a custom
> project issue.  Interesting that maven downloads the master-pom.  Its
> really only a maven-related dependency.  I'm suprised its requiring
> it.
> Out of curiousity why doesn't maven just grab the myfaces-master-1.0.1
> from ibiblio?  Why is it even checking the snapshot repo?

Looks like Maven tries to do that because WE coerce Maven to download every
dependency regarding the myfaces-core-project artifact. We do that by
mistakenly saying: "Use for
all your downloads."
Just for remembrance, this is the concerned section:
      <snapshots />   ------ malformed element !

> > We should also try to fix the releases myfaces-core-project-1.1.2.pomASAP.
> Well I don't think we can go back and fix this release retroactively.
> I'd say we need to release a whole new core (1.1.3 ) ASAP for this and
> other reasons.  I'm trying my best but I am only one person and there
> is a lot of maven b.s. to deal with at the moment.

I just patched the myfaces-core-project-1.1.2.pom in my local M2 repo. Now
Maven build work like a charm.

Since myfaces-core-project-1.1.2.pom is only a POM, there speaks nothing
against uploading a patched version to ibiblio, although this is not a thing
one should do every day, of course. Right? So,
* Is there an easy way to replace an already released POM on ibiblio?
* Any veto against this?


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