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From Richard van Nieuwenhoven <>
Subject MyFaces Tobago bugfix in SelectManyRendererBase
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 14:52:59 GMT

first of all thanks, great work!
I think i found a bug in the class 
org.apache.myfaces.tobago.renderkit.SelectManyRendererBase. it can take 
an Object array as selected-object getter but needs a setter with a 
The information how to convert a Object into a String and back is 
normaly done with a javax.faces.convert.Converter but not in this case.....

I changed the last part of the decode method to:

    Object [] convertedValue = null;
    if (newValue == null) {
        convertedValue = new Object[0]; // because no selection will not 
submitted by browsers
    }else {
        convertedValue = new Object[newValue.length];
        for (int index=0;index < newValue.length;index++)
                convertedValue[index] = getConvertedValue(facesContext, 
component, newValue[index]);



The situation improved now, but the setter must now have a parameter of 
type Object[].... I would like to use the specific type-array, but for 
that i have to know the specific-type in the decode method (to create 
the array in the correct type). the best solution would be if the "Apply 
Request Values"  did the conversion from Object[] to SpecificType[].


P.S. is this the correct mailing list to report a MyFaces Tobago bugfix?

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