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From Jurgen Lust <>
Subject Re: format core before branch
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 21:15:29 GMT
I use a patched version of the Jalopy maven plugin for all my projects, 
and I'm very happy about it. It handles stuff like adding the license 
comment at the top of your file, formatting, inspecting, etc. your Java 
code. I also have it generating comments containing 'TODO DOCUMENT ME!!' 
on every public method or class that doesn't have javadocs yet, as a 
gentle reminder for my developers :) It's a great tool, and thanks to 
maven, you can integrate in the normal build cycle.


Sean Schofield schreef:
> We have not created a new core branch yet.  What kind of "formatting"
> do you have in mind?  Are we talking about coding conventions?  I
> recall this issue being somewhat controversial ...
> Sean
> On 4/18/06, Dennis Byrne <> wrote:
>> I haven't paid close enough attention to the commits in the last few days, so maybe
one of you has already branched.  If not, I recommend we take the opportunity to format the
entire thing according to the myfaces code conventions.  Thoughts?
>> Dennis Byrne

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