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From Jurgen Lust <>
Subject need help with UINavigationMenuItem
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 13:23:22 GMT

I'm having trouble with the UINavigationMenuItem component. I'm using 
this component for the list items in the FishEye component, but the 
action and actionListener methods of the item are not invoked, and I 
don't know why:

Here's the decode method of the FishEye renderer:

    public void decode(FacesContext context, UIComponent component)
        String reqValue = 

        UIComponent source = context.getViewRoot().findComponent(reqValue);
        if (source instanceof UINavigationMenuItem)
            UINavigationMenuItem item = (UINavigationMenuItem) source;
            item.queueEvent(new ActionEvent(item));

This gives me the correct item, so a new ActionEvent is being queued on 
the appropriate UINavigationMenuItem. After that however, nothing 
happens, although the UINavigationMenuItem is an ActionSource.
What am I missing here? It is Friday afternoon, so my brains are at 50% 
of course :-)


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