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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: RESTful JSF
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 18:55:02 GMT
> Well, you definitely need some validation.  I'm not positive
> that JSF converters are totally the right way to go, because (generally)
> converters are Locale dependent and user-readable - whereas
> URL parameters must be Locale independent.
Thats a good point, but ...

> EL coercion is
> more along the lines of what's wanted here.
this might not be sufficient as a bean property might be a complex
object (e.g. hibernate entity).
You know, you can have e.g. a select box of complex objects (or enums)
and the converter take care of it.
This is something I'd do with bookmarkable links too.

To workaround the locale problem we could define to render them always
in local "en" and UTF-8 (to workaround the encoding problem :-) )

> Certainly the view that's being pointed to by the URL is JSF content.
> Were you imagining a stub JSF component tree that simply processes
> the bookmark (after validating), then forwards on to the real page?
I already thought about this. Yes, this will be possible, but optional.
The user will not be forced to do so.
If we define it as a requirement I am fine with it too as almost always
a bookmark call require some special setup of internal data structures
to startup the system again.


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