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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: [Important] Ugly bug in core pom.xml for 1.1.2 and 1.1.3
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 15:32:37 GMT
I think this is the wrong way to fix it.  I'm not sure what changing
the releases enabled to false does (maybe someone can answer that) but
here's the way I see the problem.

1.1.2 branch does not build b/c the myfaces-shared stuff is not in
ibiblio.  Its ok that these shared artifacts are not in ibiblio
(that's what we wanted), they just need to be available in our own
MyFaces repository.  (See my earlier post)

In the short run to build core-1.1.2 and core-1.1.3 you just need to
check out the appropriate shared and maven branches and build on your
local machine.

For all releases going forward I think we update the master pom stuff
and add a reference to a new myfaces repo which contains the shared
artifacts.  That's actually why I'm holding off on the vote for the
1.1.3 core b/c we really need this going forward.

I'm going to revert your change for now.


On 4/24/06, Manfred Geiler <> wrote:
> The pom.xml of the myfaces-core-project artifact contains the following
> errornous lines:
>   <repositories>
>     <repository>
>       <snapshots />
>       <id>apache-maven-snapshots</id>
> <url></url>
>     </repository>
>   </repositories>
> At least for the newest Maven 2.0.4 these lines make builds fail because
> Maven tries to download the released(!) myfaces-master from the apache
> snapshot(!) repo.
> Correct syntax would be:
>   <repositories>
>     <repository>
>         <releases>
>           <enabled>false</enabled>
>         </releases>
>         <snapshots>
>           <enabled>true</enabled>
>         </snapshots>
>         <id>apache-maven-snapshots</id>
> <url></url>
>     </repository>
>   </repositories>
> Just corrected this on the 1.1.3 branch.
> Sean, could you please build a new RC?
> What about 1.1.2?
> Is it possible to replace the already released
> myfaces-core-project-1.1.2.pom? Shall I correct the 1.1.2 core branch?
> Note: Without that correction nobody is able to build Maven projects that
> depend on myfaces-api-1.1.2 or myfaces-impl-1.1.2 !
> Manfred

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