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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: JSF 1.2: branch, wiki, maven repo, ...
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 16:32:38 GMT
My preference would be to focus on the backwards compatible changes
first and to save the branch for as late as possible.  Have we
identified any of these types of changes (I know that client side
state encryption is already done.)

Are the Tomcat6 jars intended for compile purposes only at this point?


On 4/18/06, Manfred Geiler <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As you know, Stan is currently working hard on the next generation MyFaces
> Stuff aka JSF 1.2.
> I would like to give you some infos about an offline conversation we had a
> few hours ago.
>  * We decided to create a branch of the current myfaces core trunk - let's
> call it "jsf12" or "jsr-252"
>  * All important infos will be tracked at
> . The page is
> currently maintained by Stan, but feel free to add your ideas, issues,
> comments, etc.
>  * Stan will speak to Tomcat guys to get green light for adding the needed
> Tomcat-6 jars into the apache snapshot repo at
> . This way
> we could have a working maven build although Tomcat-6 jars are not maven
> published yet.
>  * Everything that is somehow (backwards) compatible to JSF 1.1 stuff and
> does not break jsr-127 TCK will go to the trunk, so that we can keep the
> branched stuff at a minimum.
> Any thoughts or vetos?
> Regards,
> Manfred

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