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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Future Releases
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2006 22:50:13 GMT
Here are four proposals to help us get future releases out ASAP.

1.) Branch tomahawk now (even before the core vote is finalized.) 
This will allow testing and a quick followup release since this
one-time upgrade of core will require a new tomahawk.  We release with
anything but a major show stopper.

2.) Branch core (again) immediately following the release of 1.1.2. 
The branch is several weeks old and there may already be TCK problems
in the trunk or other issues that nobody has discovered.  Since we'd
like to do more frequent releases, lets start this process earlier
rather then later.

3.) Comprehensive wiki on the release procedure starting with the core
release.  There have been so many changes and problems that I have
given up on documentation this go round.  But we should have better
documentation so that people other then myself can do the release.

4.) More TCK testers.  Get more of the committers to sign the NDA, and
more importantly, get their machines to be able to run the TCK.  The
more TCK testers we have out there the faster we can fix these


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