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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Playing round with 1.5 features
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 08:33:38 GMT
Travis Reeder schrieb:
> I'm all for anything that makes component writing easier, it's pretty
> complex right now, so many places to make mistakes and makes it hard for
> a newbie to start making components. 
Actually there are two areas which components probably have to tackle
api wise.
a) The number of artefacts and glue code which are a huge burden
b) The way the markup is generated.

The renderers have the basic problem of having to handcode the markup
via sending strings to writer objects. This gives maximum performance
due to linear runtime complexity, but is a huge burden on the component

a split between data and markup rendering programmingwise would be saner.
pushing the whole subrendering into something more readable would
improve comfort. For instance if they subrendering could be pushed into
something like velocity you suddenly would have the component, the
bingings to the jsp or whatever subsystems and the renderer basically
would be gathering data (mostly just pushing the component directly in)
and then rendering it away via a sane templating markup.

The main problem I see is performance, so in the end we probably are
stuck with it or have to move over to client side componentization
(which is the other approach, omit the api entirely as much as possible
and move to a higher abstraction level like facelets do it)

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