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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: websphere 6 and myfaces compatibility
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:53:40 GMT
On 3/29/06, Thomas Spiegl <> wrote:
> it's the Facelet-Taglib files being generated. No Facelet/EL jars are
> needed therefore.
> It's the xml, you can download from our
> wiki:
> The file on our wiki page is outdated and inconsistent. I think the
> first step moving towards facelets is to provide the taglib files. I
> know that we need to implement some TagHandlers as well. But to get
> the most tomahawk components working with facelets, the taglib file is
> sufficient.

Well, the question is how we're planning to bundle it.

If you just want to generate the file, that's fine.  But if you're
planning on installing it in Tomahawk/META-INF, then it has to be
complete since the end-user cannot easily override it once we put it
into the jar file.   Before we get to that stage, I think we need to
have a comprehensive plan in place for keeping the file up-to-date.

The file attached to the wiki page is outdated, but the inline
definitions are quite complete :)  I started another page for sandbox
components on the facelets wiki that contains some handler java code
as well.

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