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From "Adam Winer" <>
Subject Re: Question regarding UIData state saving
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 21:59:01 GMT
The row state saving is quite necessary (I remember
the discussion).  The algorithm in UIXTable is actually
fairly simple:  an atom of state is either meaningful
(contains non-default values) or not.  If we've got
meaningful state left, don't drop it.

-- Adam

On 3/1/06, Manfred Geiler <> wrote:
> MyFaces UIData once had a sophisticated algorithm to determine if
> state should be dropped or not. Well, UIData was completely refactored
> some time ago and this algorithm seems to be lost. I also remember a
> discussion with Mathias (the guy who did the refactoring) before a
> while where we discussed the UIData state saving. Don't remember the
> exact discussion, but I think Mathias argued, that saving the rowState
> is not necessary at all or something like that.
> Mathias, can you take over?  ;-)
> Manfred
> On 3/1/06, Michael Youngstrom <> wrote:
> > >I think this is an issue with UIData using a very
> > >poor algorithm for when it thinks it can drop state,
> > >something like "there weren't any errors."
> > >The ADF UIXTable code has a better algorithm
> > >hat doesn't suffer from this problem.
> >
> > So is UIData's poor algorithm a spec issue or an implementation issue?
> >  Its great that UIXTable doesn't suffer from these problems but it
> > would be nice if the standard UIData didn't suffer from these problems
> > either. :)  I'm just unsure who I need to be lobbying.  Can anyone
> > give me some direction?
> >
> > Mike
> >

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