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Subject RE: Servers to Test
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 19:04:31 GMT
I haven't run the MyFaces examples on WebSphere, but we've been using
the MyFaces JSF implementation (and various MyFaces components)
successfully in production applications running on WebSphere 5.1.  We've
also got it working on WebSphere 6.0 (provided that we delete the two
JSF-related JAR files from the WebSphere installation directory that
conflict with MyFaces).  It works in the test environments provided by
the IDEs WSAD 5.1 and RSA 6.0 as well.

- Brendan

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From: sia far [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 9:02 AM
Subject: Servers to Test

Hello Everyone:

I noticed it is mentioned on myfaces page that it is tested against 
Websphere 5.1.2. The latest fixpack upgrades websphere 5.1 to (I
not aware of 5.1.2, my assumption is it was run from within WSAD 5.1.2 
running WAS 5.1).  I tried to run the samples both on our production (we

have multiple servers defined) and test server ( version . I
not even were able to start the server.

Then I tried to run the examples in WSAD version 5.1.2 running websphere

5.1. Again the same problem. The only server I was successful to deploy 
myfaces example was, though some pages threw tons of errors and 

I was thinking if myfaces get tested against websphere 6.0.x. If no, I
be glad to test them against WAS 6.0.x, provided that I get the
on how to run them.

informally, I have been trying to deploy examples on WAS, I have
numerous problems and the candiate release gave me tons of problems as
Just to be precise, I was trying to deploy them on Rational Software 
Architect running WAS

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