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From Jacob Hookom <>
Subject Re: Ajax form
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 02:25:40 GMT
A lot of this is occurring with JSF 1.2 and the Avatar proposal for 
partial processing of the component tree.

Oracle's ADF components too have the concept of triggers/observers today.

Travis Reeder wrote:

> Hi all,
> Been a bit out of the loop for the past few weeks, I am just wondering 
> if there has been much going on with the ajax sandbox components?  
> There was talk of making them dojo'd ;), so just wondering if that has 
> happened.
> The next step I would like to take is to make it so that multiple 
> components can be submitted at the same time so instead of having 
> "affectedAjaxComponent", it could have a full post with an entire form. 
> And after that, I would like to have it be able to kick off events on 
> other components on the client side so you can update UI elements as 
> required.  Currently, it will update a message tag if an error occurs, 
> but need similar behaviour for not message tags.
> Simple example:
> form1:inputText1 gets submitted via ajax with a command button.
> divA gets notified of the successful event and then itself calls an 
> ajax method to get updated content.
> I'm not quite sure how this should work yet, so if anyone has thoughts 
> on this, I'd love to hear it.  I'm thinking a component could register 
> itself as a listener on another component.
> Travis

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