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From Barry Kaplan <>
Subject Re: hibernate validator PhaseListener
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 13:54:12 GMT
Adam Winer wrote:
> Definitely a very interesting approach;  one problem is that it'll
> validate too much.  For example, it'll validate beans that aren't
> even used on the current page.  It'll also validate beans that
> aren't yet valid because they're being created and populated
> over multiple pages, and beans that weren't set on this request
> because they're in a different form (or subform) than the one
> that was submitted.

Yes, these are real problems. One of the things I was toying with 
extending hibernate validator (or wrapping spring-validator or 
commons-validator to use an annotation based approach) and adding a 
context property that indicates which properties should validated when.

Hibernate validator will also set database schema constraints, I want to 
keep that. But that feature is enabled by a marker interface on the 
validator, so if the wrapper approach supports that marker interface it 
may work out ok.

But the validator I posted was just an experiment. There are lots of 
issues still to work out. Especially how to get a single validation 
specification that is used at the db-level, app-level, and jsf-level, 
and javascript-level (when appropriate of course).

> The interesting question is how to tie an annotation
> driven approach like this - which I really like - to all of
> the information resident in the UIComponent tree.

Yes. Any ideas?


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