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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: warning - use of class.getName() in shared
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 09:57:41 GMT
> I'm still very much in favour of *not* shipping a common jar used by
> both core and tomahawk (and maybe tobago, ADF, etc); the versioning
> issues related to that are nasty.
Why? Once the shared api is stable this should not be a big issue, no?
I've already moved stuff to tomahawk to reach this point.

The rest should be treated like a myfaces-internal-spec and thus it
should be a "chef-task" if one requests a change in its API.
And it is possible to refactor classes in a way that it is still
backward compatible - e.g. moving code in its own method, adding methods.

And - IMHO the killer, the shared is not interoperable, means it cant
put stuff in the request and use it again if called from another package
as they are different classes - different package names.
See my other thread regarding ExtensionsFilter and Dummyform.

We try to provide a service which might or might not be used, but is a
serious problem during development.

> What I had in mind when this was being discussed was not a compilation
> pre-processor but instead a tool based on ASM
As you said, this will make it even more worse as then the IDE no longer
has some source to show you.

> Personally I don't use breakpoints much; logging works better for me for
> debugging.
I know, you love loggers ;-)


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