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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: Testing Progress?
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 19:24:02 GMT
> Is the ExtensionFilter bug something that already exists in the
> current 1.1.1 release?
IMHO no.
This bug were introduced during the creation of AddResourceFactory which
was 2006-02-08. So after the 1.1.1 release.

> If its not a new bug then I don't mind
> releasing with the bug in place.  Also, if the bug only affects
> tomahawk then it doesn't matter at this point.
This bug affects the whole system as soon as you start using the filter
which is a requirement for myfaces.
Its a REALLY nasty bug as the filter will deliver the response not to
the requestee. Its possible to get the output of another user instead of
the one you requested.

> (Sorry for not taking
> the time to read my old email but I am trying to help you guys out
> with the release before I leave the country.)
:-) Thank you!

>> BTW: How do you plan to tag shared? We need separate tags for
>> shared_tomahawk and shared_imp, no?
> No, those are artifacts of maven.  There is only one copy of the
> shared source code and it will be branched and tagged according to the
> version (2.0.0)
So if you release tomahawk at any time later you have to increase the
But even then, the shared_impl-2.0.1 might not be compatible to
shared_impl-2.0.0 if you tagged shared to release tomahawk.


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