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From Udo Schnurpfeil <>
Subject [Tobago] Simplified theme handling
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 16:37:33 GMT

the theme handling was simplified, so you need to change something in 
your build process. See

You have 2 possibilities:

    1. For easy development:
       a) Put the theme jar in the classpath *)
       b) Define a ResourceServlet in the web.xml
          and bind it to the url-pattern of the theme-path
       c) Ensure load-theme-resources-from-classpath=true
          in tobago-config.xml (is default)
       You can see the use in the tobago-example-blank

    2. For production:
       a) Put the theme jar in the classpath *)
       b) Unpack the resources (no classes and no properties)
          of the theme into the war. You may use the maven-theme-plugin
       c) Set load-theme-resources-from-classpath=false
          in tobago-config.xml
       You can see the use in the tobago-example-demo

*) The tobago-theme-<name>-<version>-THEME.jar is no longer needed.
    You need only the tobago-theme-<name>-<version>.jar
    So you may remove some tags the pom, if using maven2:



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