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From Volker Weber <>
Subject Re: ExtensionFilter: get rid of its buffering
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 10:57:03 GMT

i'm not sure and have not tested, but AFAIK the
<link rel="stylesheet" ..> tags don't work outside html-head.


Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Hi!
> Currently I try to get rid of the buffering of the extension filter. (No
> code yet, just many many thoughts about it)
> First of all: Who says we have to render the <script src= stuff in
> html-head?
> I tried a short XHTML and checked it on -
> it didnt complain about it.
> A short look in
> shows
> <!-- These elements are neither block nor inline, and can
>      essentially be used anywhere in the document body.
> -->
> <!ENTITY % Misc.class
>      "%Edit.class;
>       %Script.class;
>       %Misc.extra;"
> so this makes me thinking we can get rid of it without any troubles.
> So why cant we just render the script in place and are fine with it.
> Just the JsValueChangeListener is an exception which know a
> "bodyTagEvent" attribute. But I think we can get rid of it and handle
> this through the new to come documentBody tag.
> There are also other ideas, but I will discuss them after I know why we
> can NOT get rid of the script tag in html-head ;-)
> Ciao,
> Mario

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