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From James Holmes <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] Major Changes To Source Code
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 16:13:58 GMT
Hey Sean,

I just blew away my complete SVN copy of MyFaces and went to fetch it all again 

svn checkout

I got the following error on checkout:

Fetching external item into 'current\commons'
svn: URL '' doesn't exist

It looks like something is still pointing to a non-existent commons link.


On Wed Mar  1  8:57 , 'Sean Schofield' <> sent:

>Manfred's ambitious source code reorg is now complete!  Here is all of
>the information you need to know.
>1.) New subproject "shared" (formerly commons.)  All source code from
>commons has been refactored to have an org.apache.myfaces.shared
>package name.
>2.) Commons is gone.  Its been removed from the "current" external but
>it will likely still be on your local checkout dir.  You can delete it
>now.  This also means no more myfaces-commons.jar so you can remove
>these from any of your projects.
>3.) The shared source code is refactored into project specific
>packages names by Maven during the build process.  So core/impl will
>depend on org.apache.myfaces.shared_impl and tomahawk will depend on
>org.apache.myfaces.shared_tomahawk.  Manfred can explain more about
>how this works.
>4.) This change is effective immediately on both the trunk and the
>core branch.
>5.) There was a massive merge from the branch to the trunk and several
>files were in conflict.  I resolved the conflicts but the following
>files should be checked (on the trunk only) if you changed them
>Effect Renderer
>6.) We need to do some massive testing so we can get the release out
>the door.  Please test the core *branch* to make sure the basic stuff
>works.  We also need to test the tomahawk *trunk.*   Please verify the
>simple examples, etc.
>7.) Feel free to start committing again.  If you find a problem in
>shared or tomahawk that gets fixed on the trunk.  If you find a
>problem with core, that gets fixed on the *branch* only.
>I need to run to work.  Hopefully Manfred can add some more
>explanation when he gets a chance.  Also, we need to create an
>explanation for the user list (about commons going away.)
>ps. Nightly core now shows 1.1.3-SNAPSHOT since we have branched for
>the upcoming 1.1.2 release.  I added a new JIRA version for this.

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