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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: ADF Faces javascript rendering
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:11:01 GMT
Laurie Harper schrieb:
> The Tomahawk components 'inject' Javascript file references into the
> <head> section of the response by using a filter to buffer and
> post-process the response. I'm assuming ADF Faces has some mechanism for
> injecting Javascript too, but I can't seem to track it down...
> I've found the code that handles serving static resources, just not the
> code responsible for injecting references to Javascript files. The
> reason I'm looking for it is so I can make a component library I'm
> working on use it.
> Can anyone give me a pointer to the right area in the ADF Faces code, or
> even better a quick explanation of how to use it to do what I want?
> Thanks,
Laurie, cannot help you there, but a minor sidequestion, did you use my
dojo hooks I provided in the sandbox?
If yes please give me feedback if you need something changed
or added, now is a perfect time for doing it, the whole dojo base will
be moved into Tomahawk after 1.1.2, and then it will be much harder to
break existing interfaces if needed.
The reason why I am asking is that I need comments and feedback from
people who do serious component development so that I get more insight
on what is needed (for now I only have the stuff in I need)

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