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From "John Fallows" <>
Subject future vision for MyFaces "commons"
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 19:35:39 GMT

There seems to be increasing discussion lately regarding MyFaces Commons and
how it relates to both MyFaces Core and MyFaces Tomahawk.

Adding Tobago and ADF Faces to the discussion makes it even more critical
that we come up with a useful way to share reusable code between the various
projects.  So, I thought it might be helpful to the current discussion if I
shared my thoughts about this for the future.

Right now, we tend to think of MyFaces Commons as a dumping ground for
common utility code that is reused between the Core and Tomahawk, and AFAIK,
none of this code has been vetted for its suitability as a consistently
backwards-compatible public API.

In future, we'll need to provide common code to all component libraries
developed as part of the MyFaces effort (and outside MyFaces too), and due
to the independent upgrade requirements for individual component libraries,
that common codebase will need to provide a guarantee of backwards

One example of such shared code for the future might be a common strategy
for the FileUpload feature.  It would be a real shame if all of the internal
implementation code for this FileUpload feature became part of a public API
just because it was added to Commons.  So, I propose a split in Commons
between public API and private implementation.  In fact, I think it
shouldn't be called Commons either. :-)

[groupId = org.apache.myfaces]

Dependent projects should be free to create compile-time dependencies
against myfaces-api, but not myfaces-impl.

The code currently in Commons will need an overhaul to prepare it for such
backwards compatibility strictness.  We should take a hard look at the
codebase in there and decide how best to trim it to a managable size that
can realisticly be kept compatible across releases.

Now, this raises the point about the naming for the current API and
implementation for the specification.  How about the following?

[groupId = org.apache.myfaces]

I think this makes two things very clear.

   1. MyFaces spec api and impl do not contain any non-spec related code
   (i.e. no non-portable "extensions" to the spec)
   2. MyFaces spec api and impl are equivalents of the reference api and
   impl from Sun

In addition, we might need to break the dependency between
jsf-impl-x.y.z.jar and myfaces-api-x.y.z.jar/my-faces-impl.x.y.z.jar above.
This may still involve "inlining" commons into the jsf-impl JAR to avoid
potential problems with JavaEE containers vs. webapp ClassLoaders.

It certainly feels better to have a directed dependency from the MyFaces API
/ Impl -> standard JSF API / Impl rather than the reverse. :-)

Btw, do JavaEE containers, e.g. Tomcat, properly isolate the Webapp
ClassLoader from the container's own ClassLoader, preventing visibility of
jsf-impl and only exposing jsf-api to the Webapp ClassLoader?  This should
be perfectly possible using appropriate ClassLoader parentage, but I'm not
certain if it is commonly done or mentioned in the JavaEE specification.

For Tomahawk, Tobago and ADF Faces, we can have the following.

[groupId = org.apache.myfaces]



where each has a compile time dependeny on both jsf-api and myfaces-api but
only a runtime dependency on the internal implementation details of jsf-impl
and myfaces-impl.

*adf-faces to be renamed during incubation.

When any of these projects need to be upgraded, and it depends on a newer
version of myfaces-api / myfaces-impl, the upgrade can proceed with
confidence because the newer version guarantees backwards compatibilty at
compile-time for myfaces-api and at runtime for myfaces-impl.


Kind Regards,
John Fallows.
Author: Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components, Apress

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