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From "Martin Marinschek" <>
Subject Re: Removing public from interface
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2006 10:29:17 GMT
I'm having a good laugh here ;)

It's interesting how long we can keep ourselves busy with something like that.

For the interested - a short history of the "_" in MyFaces:

MyFaces was originally started as a project for an inhouse-application
of the OeKB (, and the OeKB has this internal
code-style rules which prescribe an "_" in front of private fields
(yes, exactly for the VI-editor users under the OeKB developers, yes,
there are still some ;). Now when the project went to SourceForge, no
one did take the time to change this, and when we went further to the
ASF, no one thought about that as well.

So this is why we have this _ in place right now - as my most
preferred IDE (IntelliJ) copes with this real well (you change a
setting, and you have _ support in place), this is not a religious
thing for me.

I don't have a problem if someone goes through all the code and does a
clean-up - but do we really want to do that?

Bernd - even though you're disappointed - would you really take the
time to clean that up?

Wouldn't be too easy, right?



On 2/18/06, Bernd Bohmann <> wrote:
> Why we should stick with the '_'?
> The Apache Code Style is the Sun Code Style without allowing tabs.
> MyFaces is the first project that used the '_'. (so far I can see)
> The Sun Code Style doesn't allow the '_'.
> And I would never accept code without braces.
> Sean Schofield schrieb:
> > Since most of the code in myfaces right now also uses the '_' I think
> > we should stick with it.
> >
> > Everyone needs to keep in mind that the final code style that we come
> > up with is not going to be the same as your personal preference or
> > what Sun says is the "right way."  There is an overall style to *most*
> > of the code and we need to stick with what we started.
> Why should the code style doesn't fit with my personal preferences and
> what is wrong with the Sun way?
> Why we need stick? Are you using vi?
> >
> > So lets document the standards and make sure everything from this
> > point on conforms to those standards.  Ideally the standards won't
> > differ much from what we already have.
> >
> The current MyFaces codestyle is very ugly.
> > Again, the "_" is not my personal favorite but it is the standard and
> > it has the added bonus of matching up with the ADF stuff.  So lets
> > stick with it.
> What is about the tobago stuff? Have you ever looked at the tobago code?
> You don't like the tobago code style?
> >
> > Sean
> >
> I'm very disappointed
> Bernd


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