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From Volker Weber <>
Subject Re: Tobago and ADF --> Was .. Re: [proposal] Split Up JIRA Projects
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 14:03:49 GMT

Sean Schofield wrote:
> Volker,
> Interesting proposal but I don't we have to address this just yet. 
> But since you brought it up, do you think its possible that ADF and
> Tobago could merge into a single project?  I don't know enough about
> either to say for sure.

I don't think so, should be easier to merge adf in tomahawk, but i don't
know mutch about adf.

> I'm -1 on having saveState in 3 separate projects (tomahawk, tobago
> and adf.)  Why would it need to be in commons when it could just be in
> tomahawk?  Is there anything in tobago that *requires* save state?  Or
> is more accurate to say tobago provides a save state and so does
> tomahawk?  Again, I'm not too familiar with tobago ATM (but I will
> learn!)

tobago has no saveState, and did not require it, but i like the ability
to use it (and other tomahawk goodies) in applications. But none of the
rendering components could used in tobago. I think adding the full
tomahawk.jar to a application will mislead to use also non compatible
components from the lib.


> Sean
> On 2/14/06, Volker Weber <> wrote:
>>+1 for jira split, imho it's needed for different release cycles.
>>But before doing so we should think about another distributed jar file
>>we may want, I think we should have one :-).
>>I had mentioned before when talking about naming for commons.jar, we
>>should have another jar for shared components/classes between tomahawk,
>>tobago( and adf?). Non rendering tags like aliasBean, saveState,
>>validators and other stuff which could used in both.
>>I don't like to have impl depends on this, so commons.jar is imho not
>>the right place for those.
>>  Volker
>>Erik Gustavson wrote:
>>>It'll also make sense once ADF Faces gets into the mix.
>>>+1 for Jira split, esp. when tomahawk and core, etc... start having
>>>different release cycles.
>>>+1 for the snapshot naming convention
>>>+1 for Tomahawk components being listed as Jira components... that would
>>>make it very easy to assess the maturity of any given component for an
>>>end user.
>>>"commons" would make sense as a Jira component of MyFaces. What other
>>>Jira components would make sense under MyFaces then?
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>>>build (maven)
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