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From M Litherland <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: inputHtml broken in IE?
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 14:23:18 GMT

How do you recommend I access the Dojo scripts from my own code?  For my 
test project I just put the files as part of the web root, but that's 
clearly not good for a library function.  I see that the Kupu code uses 
AddResource, but that's dark magic to me, does AddResource somehow know 
about the Dojo scripts?  Even if it does how do I add the 
'dojo.require("dojo.widget.Editor")' scriptlet into the header?

Sorry to ask such basic questions, but trying to figure out the 'right 
way' of doing things in the Tomahawk code is mighty intimidating with so 
many project specific classes and methods...

Thanks much!

Werner Punz wrote:

>Werner Punz schrieb:
>>Ok since no one answered I felt free to add the dojo lib in a first
>>incarnation (latest 0.2.2) build to the repo.
>>There is a very basic beta integration already done in the effects tag
>>(I am not very happy with it because I had to add the debugging flags
>>in the dojo javascripts instead of leaving them untouched)
>>and a small mixed jsf, html demo in the dojo subdir of the sandbox examples
>>(raw html because I just wanted to test the import functionality and not
>>the rest, so I copy pasted the html edit part of dojo straight into the
>>jsf file as verbatims)
>>In the long run I will remove the prototype based code from my handful
>>of sandboxed components and move it over to dojo, if possible)
>>But I first wanted to get the thing in, so that Mike can start hacking
>>away on his component ;-)
>I sort of forgot, I will keep the dojo codebase up to date with the
>latest versions in the future (no guarantee that there wont be a
>refactoring, but the dojo guys handle that pretty well with a
>deprecation mechanism), so that we always have a good maintainable
>javascript foundation which we do not have to invest time in and can
>send bugs back to have them fixed.
>I guess that is the best solution for now for all the javascript mess we
>are in (blend of lots of self written or forked code, some kupu stuff,
>some stuff which is based on prototype, some stuff namespaced some stuff
>not etc...).
>I do not know how this will work out with all the Oracle stuff coming in
> in the future, but for now we need a solution which we can build upon
>which is as less intrusive as possible so that we do not have clashes
>with other javascript libraries (namely the existing codebase and the
>ADF codebase) in the future, and probably dojo is the best bet we have
>on this at the current time.
>But at least we do not have any conflicts due to the non intrusiveness
>of Dojo.
>I can recommend to use dojo and do not try to build too much on
>prototype anymore or keep a warning in the usage of the prototype based

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