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From "Sean Schofield" <>
Subject Re: [maven] Unable to run core assembly
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 03:53:10 GMT
Weird, I reran with -U and it downloaded a whole bunch of new stuff. 
Then it ran fine.  I haven't run maven in 24 hours so its not like
there are brand new snapshots out there that it failed to pick up.

@Bernd: Can you still reverse the change you made last month where we
took the deps out of assembly?


On 2/21/06, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> I am unable to run the core assembly on my machine.  This time I get
> the following error:
> [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---
> [INFO] 'taglibdocjar' was specified in an execution, but not found in the plugin
> [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---
> [INFO] For more information, run Maven with the -e switch
> [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Any ideas?  It seems to be running on continuum.  I'm trying to run
> this on the branch btw (in anticipation of the release.)
> Sean
> @ Bernd: I changed my mind and you are right.  The assembly should
> include the transitive deps.  Can you change this back (on the
> branch)?

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