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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: New MyFaces JIRA structure
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 16:45:30 GMT
> MyFaces (sub-)projects on the site:
>  API
>  Impl
>  Commons
>  Tomahawk
>  Sandbox
>  (Tobago)


> We will release the following assemblies with different release numbers:
>  Core (= API + Impl)
>  Commons

technically this is not an assembly.  its released as a maven pom and
jar and its in ibiblio but we don't release as its own tarball.  i
think we should stick with that policy.

>  Tomahawk (with or without Sandbox?)

right now its without sandbox and i agree with how it is now.

>  (Tobago)
> I propose the following Jira-Projects:

-1 to MYFACES in front of everything.  When refererencing bugs in the
svn comments, emails, etc. its easier to say TOBAGO-101, etc.

Jira allows us to group these all under one category.  So I propose we
keep the existing category of MyFaces.  JIRA also has two naming
concepts for the project.  The project name and the project key.  So
here is my proposal in the format: subproject --> project name - KEY

core --> MyFaces: Core - MYFACES
commons --> MyFaces: Commons - MF-COMMONS
tomahawk --> MyFaces: Tomahawk - TOMAHAWK
tobago --> MyFaces: Tobago - TOBAGO

The key is where the issue numbers are derived from.

> All four would have the common Jira category "MyFaces". So they will
> still be tied together.
> There were some discussions regarding Commons in Jira. IMHO this is
> the only solution, that is logical and does not lead to additional
> confusion. Commons will have it's own release cycles - there is no
> other way to solve this without having unwanted peculiarities. Some
> alternatives, that where discussed recently:
> * A custom field "Affected Commons Version": What about the "Fix
> Version"? Where do I document it. Another custom field "Commons Fix
> Version"? No, no, please.
> * Request a JIRA enhancement? Not possible within a realistic time frame IMHO.
> So, what is the real drawback? The only one I can think of (and was
> noted in former discussions) is, that people will report Commons bugs
> in MYFACES. Well, moving issues between Jira projects is no big deal
> as already was said. And: The very same applies to Tomahawk issues.
> Many many Tomahawk bugs will be reported in MYFACES, because there
> will always be cases where it is not so clear which sub-projects is
> causing the actual problem.
> So, it's always the developer's job to finally put the issue into the
> right category, project, component, or whatever.

I can see Manfred's point about commons and I reluctantly agree.  We
will probably come to regret not having a separate JIRA instance for
this so lets just accept it now instead of trying a bunch of hacks
that will probably not suffice.

So I am +1 but with the changes I suggested above.  I will also hold
off on doing anything JIRA related this weekend.  This is too big of a
change and we need everyone's input.  Lets try for early next week

> Manfred


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