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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: Tomahawk Documentation --> (Was ADF Faces)
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 03:27:53 GMT
> I disagree with the removal of the usage section.  The usage section
> shows how to use the component in context which is not always obvious.
>  I don't see a problem with making it optional for trivial components,
> however.

Yes well some usage sections are better then others.  I took a look
again after reading your comment and some of those are decent.  I
guess we can keep/port the existing ones for now.  Perhaps we can
consider dropping again when we have the simple examples hosted on the
zone.  The examples themselves show usage and the source code servlet
allows you to see the JSF.  No sense maintaining two copies at that

> I'm also not thrilled with the removal of the syntax section, but I
> agree that the TLD docs could be a substitute.   My preference would
> be to see the syntax section generated from the same source as the TLD
> docs, but I'm not volunteering to do the work at this time.  :)

I agree that the automatic generation would be excellent.  I'm not
volunteering either.  The TLD docs are done automatically and I bet if
we looked carefully we would see that many of the components are
already out of sync since its hard to keep the documentation up to

> At minimum, the link to the TLD section should point directly to the TLD
> document for the component in question rather than to the TLD index.

I agree.  That was what I was thinking.

> Also, before the syntax section is removed, the TLD docs must be
> updated to contain the same information.   That's not currently the
> case (I used dataList as a test of this theory).

Good point.  This could be done as each component is migrated to APT.

> -Mike


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