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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Eclipse and Maven -- [Was: Re: Maven Build (Ongoing Work Thread)]
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 22:51:07 GMT
Mike Kienenberger schrieb:
> Bill, Werner, Matthias, (and anyone else),
> Do you have any more information on how you've gotten the mavenized
> MyFaces to work with Eclipse 3.1.1?

I have been toying around a little bit,
well first of all doing an mvn eclipse:eclipse is probably the best way.
Secondly forget about the Eclipse MVN2 plugin, it simply is too rough 
around the edges currently. Ignore it, although it is listed on the 
Maven2 site, in my opinion you waste too much time with it.

Iafter the mvn eclipse:eclipse I imported all subprojects into eclipse 
via the external eclipse project import facility.
Project files for eclipse and wtp should be there.

I am using MyEclipse currently so I did a tad of target path adjustment, 
but the rest was basically as it is supposed to be with all project 
interdependencies set cleanly. (Btw. forget about the WTP in 1.0 it 
still is a desaster waiting for a Februar cleanup ;-) )

If you want to test code it is probably the best to go into the examples 
project and link the sourcebase you want to edit into the project 
(Eclipse can do that, at least for source folders)

another option probably is to use the maven archetype stuff to create
a barebones jsf project and link the sources for quick hacking in there.

If you have the latest svn plugin (subclipse 0.9.103 or something like 
it) installed svn should be no problem with this setup as well because 
at one of those versions checkout into finally was enabled and now does 
not conflict anymore with the mave master/sub project setup.

I hope this helps ;-)

As long as the Maven2 plugin is in its current state a combination of 
command line for the maven stuff and then an mvn eclipse:eclipse 
probably is the easiest way to go.
Have in mind that the setup still is way easier than with the old ant 
configuration where you had to do everything yourself.

Hope this helps Mike....

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