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From <>
Subject Re: [maven] Revised Reorg Proposal --> Was: [maven] Latest maven changes
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 19:59:18 GMT
I have some time to do a review of the mavenized site this week.


On 1/9/06, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> > Agreed - I have been in and out of the deve lists for the last 6
> > weeks or so and have not had a chance to follow the discussion on
> > commons and how we package it so that tomahawk can run on the RI. Is
> > the idea that tomahawk would have two assemblies, one for running in
> > the RI and one for MyFaces?
> myfaces-commons.jar is just the stuff that was in the former 'share'
> module (code that is shared between tomahawk and impl.)  The jar is
> now to be released independently of the two projects and both the
> myfacaces implementation distro and the tomahawk distro will contain a
> version of myfaces-commons.jar.  Most likely each release of *either*
> the implementation or tomahawk will involve a new release of commons.
> > This is fantastic! Perhaps we could donate it to the mojo project on
> > codehaus? That project seems to get lots of exposure and exposure
> > never hurts :-)
> A worthy idea.  We haven't gotten around to the snapshot repository
> and a few other things like this yet but Bruno has written a plugin.
> We just need to move it out of the test svn repo to its new home.
> > Do we want to do some QA on the site before pushing it out? Something
> > like a nightly build of the site that someone could point a link
> > crawler at? Just a thought. We had a somewhat lengthy discussion on
> > this topic on the WADI incubation list but I don't think that list is
> > archived yet. Here is the jest of what we came up with for WADI
> > (Builder is the site builder);
> >
> > 1) Builder - builds site with mvn site and does an initial sanity check
> > 2) Builder - once satisfied that the build is not a waste of anyone
> > else's time pushes the site to an intermediate server
> > 3) Builder - sends email to dev & user list stating that website X.X
> > RC1 is available for review at http://intermediate/foo/index.html
> > 4) Everyone interested clicks on the links reads the doc etc and
> > files jira issues against the site
> > 5) Repeat steps 1 - 4 until dev's are satisfied with the site
> > 6) Builder - push the site out to official project site
> >
> > This is not necessary but adds a bit of safety that the pushed site
> > is 'good'.
> >
> > If we had an automated link crawler we could automate that as part of
> > continuum and get an email right after a checkin breaks the site,
> > just another thought...
> I was thinking that we could automate the website (like we were trying
> to do with forrest.)  This way corrections to documentation and new
> announcements get pushed out right away.
> Before we cutover to the mavenized site, an extensive review is
> definitely in order.  Also an automated link check would be nice as a
> minimum.
> > I like assembly.
> So noted.  Bernd and I aren't wild about it but we're planning on
> keeping it for now while we get the actual build working.  Then we can
> revisit naming.  He is also looking forward to continuum which I know
> you will be happy about.
> Sean

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