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From Travis Reeder <>
Subject Jars in new maven structure
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2006 00:57:09 GMT
Hi all,

Can someone please fill me in on this new maven structure with regards to
jars, excuse my ignorance, I've never used Maven before.

I decided to start from a fresh new checkout since so much has changed and
I've run mvn install with no problems.  So now I'm trying to set things up
in Idea, but it's not quite a smooth process.

My questions:
1.  Where are all the required jars??  The only jars I see are in the
exploded examples directories.  What about jsp-api, servlet-api, porlet,
junit, struts, and the other jars that are required?  Shouldn't each module
have it's own /lib directory with the jars it requires?
2.  How is maven runnings tests if junit isn't there?
3.  How is maven compiling things if the required jars aren't there?
4.  How is anybody working on things with all these strange things going
on?  ;)

Or are we just waiting for this maven stuff to blow over for now?

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