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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: [maven] Revised Reorg Proposal --> Was: [maven] Latest maven changes
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 20:48:12 GMT
>> Which a snapshot repository or a mavenized released version on a  
>> maven
>> repository, it should not be a problem to checkout tomahawk only and
>> compile it (indepent of the first option or the second option).
> I had thought about this.  Is there a way to tell Maven "Use my local
> repository if it is newer then the maven repository?"  Things could
> get kind of confusing if you are using your latest commons code in the
> IDE but Maven is using the last official release ...

I need to respond to the other stuff too but this I've beaten my head  
against my monitor on far to much :-)

So that others don't have to I'll respond now...

When you do a 'mvn install' the product (typically the jar file  
produced by the build) is installed in the local repository (~/.m2/ 
repository), and maven won't download it unless  the pom explicitly  
depends on a different version.

So for example

myfaces/commons/pom.xml->version = 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT
myfaces/impl/pom.xml -> dependency/groupId=org.apache.myfaces  
artifactId=myfaces-commons version=1.1.2-SNAPSHOT

when in myfaces/commons if you do a 'mvn install' then 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT  
will be installed locally, when you do the same from myfaces/impl you  
would pick up the jar just installed instead of downloading anything.

The other cool thing with a 'parent pom' is that you'd only specify  
the dependency version once in the top level pom so that we would not  
have to change it over and over again in the subprojects/modules.

Also you would be able to do an 'mvn install' from the top level and  
maven will take care of building everything in order for you and get  
it all into your local repo (~/.m2/repository).



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