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From Adam Winer <>
Subject Re: Prototype library and portlets
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 05:38:05 GMT

ADF has some technology that may be helpful here (when
it arrives, grumble, grumble...)


On 1/3/06, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Actually this all or nothing or common ground approach is not what I had
> in mind.
> What I am thinking of is something along these lines.
> You already have some kind of dynamic loading infrastructure in there
> with
> dojo.require("dojo.a");
> dojo.require("dojo.b");
> now the problem as discussed is that this triggers
> xmlhttp requests and is slow
> the alternate solution to this dynamic linking is a static linking via
> an ant build to drop everything into a single file.
> Also bad, because one time you download a single huge file (well
> compresset but still)
> This is a viable approach for a webapp but not for a component library
> where one component needs part a of dojo and part b and another one
> needs part a and c.
> The infrastructure is there to make dynamic includes upon the given
> needs of the components currently used.
> So theoretically if only one component is loaded than an include of part
> a and b is done.
> If the second one is added an additional one for part c also is done.
> It is sort of a semi dynamic linking where myfaces adds the needed
> includes and neither the build system nor the javascript runtime.
> You get the benefits of both approaches that way, less code download
> because only the parts needed are loaded and still excellent browser
> caching, due to standard javascript includes.
> So my question, does dojo already support such an approach?
> Werner

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