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From Adam Winer <>
Subject Re: Moving forward on the Oracle donation
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 17:29:03 GMT
I agree with John here.

Of course, the crucial thing right now is getting the source snapshot
out there, and all my talk goes for naught until that happens!  I'll
get the source publicly available by January 6 PST (Friday).

-- Adam

On 12/30/05, John Fallows <> wrote:
> Btw, after the code becomes publicly available, I'm convinced that it needs
> to spend some time in the Apache Incubator rather than trying to fast track
> it out of there too aggressively.
> Obviously we'll need to refactor the ADF Faces codebase to meet Apache
> MyFaces packaging requirements, but more importantly, there'll be an
> opportunity to gain insights from the wider MyFaces community to better
> prepare our exit from the Incubator.
> No one wants ADF Faces to get stuck in the Incubator, but when it does exit,
> we will all benefit from having the whole MyFaces community behind it.
> Kind Regards,
> John Fallows.
> --
> Author Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components

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