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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: findComponent, dataTable, messages
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 17:20:45 GMT

in fact I wanted to also hear feedback on the JSF-side of things. Like
- if there's anything like that already implemented in Tobago, ADF
Faces, planned for JSF 2.0.

would be interesting to hear about that.



On 1/21/06, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> > Yes, only for extended components. Not for API stuff.
> >
> Ok, so from now on its a matter of personal preferences.
> Personally I like to use factories/providers and so on ;-)
> In the current case it will make no difference between the various
> components just try to lookup and execute.
> > - a third person might want to be able to change the behaviour (I
> > don't believe they can, though, cause most of the stuff is private in
> > the components)
> >
> And this might be the strongest point why to use the marker interface,
> then the component is able to use its internal private states to do
> stuff more efficient, eventually.
> Said all that, I think its not that bad to use the marker stuff here.
> Only that it might lead to duplicate code if one requires the same
> traversing policy but didnt extend from the myfaces component.
> So maybe, where possible, you could create a new utility class which
> will do the hard work, in your component the implemented method is only
> a one-liner then.
> Whatever solution you decide to use, it wont save the world ;-)
> Ciao,
> Mario


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