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From Manfred Geiler <>
Subject Re: [maven] We need to make a decision
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 14:55:00 GMT
> 1.) Make the master pom an official artifact of myfaces.  Its a little
> weird to have a POM only artifact in the public maven repository but
> who cares?  Its not a big deal. Everything is downloaded
> automatically.  This seems to make more sense then hiding it in
> api/pom.xml (where it is now.)  The master pom is needed my all
> modules therefore its a dependency.  It could sit in myfaces/pom.xml
> except each of the modules is releasable on its own schedule so IMO
> there is no other logical alternative.

Although I am (still) an absolute Maven dummy, this sounds reasonable to me:

> 2.) Directory names vs. artifiact names.  Bernd has suggested a
> preference for the two matching but this is definitely not a
> requirement for maven.  I propose core/trunk/api instead of
> core/trunk/myfaces-api.  There is no *technical* reason for doing this
> *either way.*  My personal preference is to keep the directory names
> as short as possible.  The final product will be call myfaces-api.jar
> either way.

+0.1 for short dirs

> 3.) Establish a core module.  So we have myfaces/core/trunk/api and
> myfaces/core/trunk/impl.  Bernd and I had started down this road and
> stopped at his request.  I think the issues that concerned us then can
> be addressed now.  So can we agree to do this?

This is the module to hold everthing we called shared sources in the
past, right?
Then +1 from my side.

Sean et al., thanks very much for all your hard mavenizing work!


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