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From Alexander Smirnov <>
Subject Re: Bookmarking, History and JSF
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 19:34:19 GMT
Martin Marinschek wrote:

>outputLink doesn't tie into the action-framework - that's why...
>what's Struts-Shale doing here? outputLink with defaultAction="something"?
In struts, I can perform action for request on any link not only 
for submitting form, but for ANY request.
In any cases, I can display different pages - for example, Message "see 
late" if application don't have connect to sql server, choise different 
pages for mobile clients, output first page of continuous wizarrd  etc.
For jsf, even if proposed GET processing can help bookmark page, content 
can depend of previsius state of application or other conditions.
Main thing - JSF support MVC pattern for form processing, but break 
controller for GET requests.

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