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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Proposed new components for sandbox/tomahawk
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 02:39:13 GMT
Hi All,

I've developed a couple of small but useful bits of JSF-related code as 
part of a project for my current client, Obsidium Ltd. As seen below, 
Obsidium have kindly allowed this code to be donated to the MyFaces 
project if it's wanted.

I'll create JIRA issues for each of these pieces separately; this email 
is just to get the official confirmation from Obsidium into the public 

To summarize:
  * o:stackPage - fixes the out-of-order problem when using Tiles
    (requires a change to ServletFacesContextImpl or DummyFormUtils)
  * o:autoActivate can be wrapped around other components to cause
    a submit of the page to occur when client-side change occurs to
    the associated HTML component.
  * Enhancement to t:dataTable to allow dynamic reordering of columns



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Possible donation of code to MyFaces
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 16:10:09 +1300
References: <>

Hi Simon,

Obsidium is happy to domate these components to the MyFaces library. Our
organisation has benefitted from the spirit of open source donations 
from other
organisations, so we'll continue on with that spirit.

Colin Young
IT Director
Obsidium Limited

Quoting Simon Kitching <>:

> Hi Colin,
> We have a couple of custom JSF components that I think would be accepted 
> into the MyFaces library.
> If you are willing for these components to be donated, I'm happy to do 
> work in my own time to get these integrated.
> The components are:
> o:stackPage which fixes out-of-order-text problems when using Tiles and 
> JSF1.1
> o:autoActivate which allows any component to cause a page submit.
> The sortable-column part of the o:grid component (other changes are not 
> likely to be suitable for integration with myfaces).
> I think there are good business reasons for donating these components. 
> Obsidium is not in the business of selling JSF components, so none of 
> these will provide direct profits to Obsidium. However there are 
> maintenance costs associated with them; this will be reduced/eliminated 
> if they are part of the MyFaces library. In addition, other users of 
> these components may improve them; these improvements would be available 
> to Obsidium for free.
> If this is acceptable to you, could you please confirm by email? I will 
> then forward that email to the MyFaces list as official confirmation 
> that Obsidium has granted permission for this code to be released under 
> the Apache Software License 2.0.
> Regards,
> Simon

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