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From Jurgen Lust <>
Subject big update to schedule component
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 20:58:55 GMT

I guess this is the last time I go on vacation to a place without 
internet connection :) I took my laptop with me on my skiing trip to 
finally get some work done on the schedule component and what happens? 
The whole project gets restructured in the meantime :)
Anyhow, I'll adapt my changes to the new structure right now and post 
the patch on JIRA later tonight... In the meantime, here's the list of 

all css classes can now be overridden using component attributes
I have completely rewritten the examples. There are now 4 of them, each 
demonstrating a different feature
the themeing mechanism has changed: instead of using the theme id to 
determine which css file to load, the theme id is now added to the 
schedule div css class as a suffix: e.g. schedule-detailed-default, 
schedule-detailed-outlookxp, schedule-detailed-evolution, ...
This makes it easier to use a custom theme: just copy the appriopriate 
content of the schedule.css file to your own css, and add a suffix to 
schedule-detailed and schedule-compact
introduced the ScheduleEntryRenderer, which renders the content of a 
schedule entry. By writing an implementation of this
interface, it is now possible to customize what is rendered inside a 
schedule entry. Using this mechanism, you can now also
assign different colors to the entries of different persons. I think 
this is a better solution than the patch introduced by bug nr. 976. The 
problem with the solution offered there is that HTML/CSS specific stuff 
is put in the model interfaces and classes, which is not very MVC-like. 
See example 4 for an example.
fixed a bug in the AbstractScheduleModel that sometimes caused the 
schedule to contain 0 days after submitting.
added a property to the ScheduleModel, entrySelected, which returns true 
if an entry is currently selected. This is a convenience
method which can for example be used in the 'rendered' or 'disabled' 
flag of a component.
added methods to add and remove entries to the ScheduleModel interface.


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