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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [maven] Revised Reorg Proposal --> Was: [maven] Latest maven changes
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 01:31:43 GMT
Sean Schofield wrote:
>> Do we really end up with everything from the top level in the lib
>> dir? What I'm thinking is something like this being in a 'user' project.
>> <dependency>
>>         <groupid>org.apache.myfaces</groupId>
>>         <artifactId>tomahawk</artifactId>
>> </depdency>
>> This will cause the transitive dependency thing to pull in everything
>> that tomahawk depends on but won't touch the top level pom as I
>> understand it anyway. Am I wrong about this?
> Won't this be the case either way.  The dependencies for tomahawk are
> the dependencies for tomahawk.  It doesn't matter if Maven learns this
> exclusively from the tomahawk.pom or from a combination of myfaces.pom
> (parent) and tomahawk.pom.  Is this reasoning correct?

I don't believe so. Myfaces-impl can be used without tomahawk. Tomahawk 
can be used without Myfaces-impl. So neither has "transitive 
dependencies" on the other project.

And as an earlier post pointed out, myfaces-impl may depend on 
commons-lang 1.1 while tomahawk may depend on commons-lang 1.2. In this 
case, people only wanting to use the core myfaces (not tomahawk) should 
be able to use just commons-lang 1.1. Only if they add tomahawk do they 
need to upgrade the commons-lang library.

There are transitive dependencies between commons and impl, or commons 
and tomahawk.



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