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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: [maven] We need to make a decision
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 17:24:15 GMT
> :)  It's supposed to be there.  Remember when you uploaded just the
> jars to dist/java-repository?  They synced to the m2 repo with the
> minimal, automatically generated poms.

Not the myfaces-parent though.  That was experimental and only in the
nightly snapshot for a few minutes.

> At that point people started opening MEV tickets and submitting
> patches to add the dependencies.  Search the users@maven list for some
> fun threads while we sorted things out.  IIRC Matt Raible did a lot of
> it.  Carlos Sanchez created that myfaces-parent pom and linked up the
> others as best we could figure things out.
> They do need to be cleaned up, and that can be part of the
> 'relocation' TODO that's on the Wiki page.  You can either submit
> patches, or else put good poms in the Apache Maven repository and ask
> the Maven team to delete the ones on their side so the good ones will
> sync over.

Sounds like a plan.

> Wendy


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