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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: dir names and artifact id's
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:51:24 GMT
> I would prefer directory name == artifactId

I agree.  myfaces-tomahawk-module is too long.  Just tomahawk is fine.
 There was a discussion about changing it to myfaces-tomahawk (Martin
is for this) or keeping it as tomaahwk (Bernd is for this.)  I am
somewhere in the middle.  Lets leave them alone (so just tomahawk)
until we have everything working before making a final naming

> myfaces-project is a good idea

+ 1

> > myfaces/api/myfaces-assembly/pom.xml =>  child to myfaces/api/pom.xml
> > groupId = org.apache.myfaces
> > artifactiId = myfaces-assembly

I think we should change to core-assembly/pom.xml with artifact id of
myfaces-core.  Its not the entire myfaces project that is assembled,
just the core (api + impl).

Also, shouldn't the assembly for core include the commons.jar as a
dependency?  We want to distribute the commons.jar in the resulting
zip file don't we?  I think it would be a pain to have to download the
*correct* version of commons when a new core release comes out.

> I think sandbox is the sandbox for tomahawk

What do you mean by this?  Yes its true that the sandbox stuff
eventually gets promoted to sandbox.  I think we originally had
something like this over the weekend when you and I were moving things
around.  What is changing your mind on this?  I think its fine the way
it is.

> Bernd


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