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Subject Re: Bookmarking, History and JSF
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 19:43:35 GMT
JSF doesn't have a built-in front controller.  If anything, it should be optional, but things
like no DB connection are usually handled by global filters/policies and wouldn't be on a
per-action basis.

The additional lifecycle events that Shale introduces will also be available in JSF 1.2 with
both the UIViewRoot.addPhaseListener(..)

<f:view before="#{pageBean.setup}" after="#{pageBean.destroy}">

-- and Ed Burn's inclusion of common annotation's Destroy/Created events being handled from
the managed beans in your faces-config.

(again, for bookmarkable links, I do like the EL evaluation within navigation cases the best--
it's similar to WebWork)

>Martin Marinschek wrote:
>>outputLink doesn't tie into the action-framework - that's why...
>>what's Struts-Shale doing here? outputLink with defaultAction="something"?
>In struts, I can perform action for request on any link not only 
>for submitting form, but for ANY request.
>In any cases, I can display different pages - for example, Message "see 
>late" if application don't have connect to sql server, choise different 
>pages for mobile clients, output first page of continuous wizarrd  etc.
>For jsf, even if proposed GET processing can help bookmark page, content 
>can depend of previsius state of application or other conditions.
>Main thing - JSF support MVC pattern for form processing, but break 
>controller for GET requests.

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