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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Switch to Maven(2)
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 18:43:16 GMT
I'm +1 on this for sure and I'd be glad to help.

I finally have a few cycles this weekend and early next week.

I'd also be interested in helping getting the automated build going  
with Continuum on our zone.



On Dec 29, 2005, at 11:58 AM, Sean Schofield wrote:

> I am proposing we switch to Maven2.  I think we now have enough people
> who are ready willing and able to sustain the Maven effort.  In the
> interest of time I will not go into why I think Maven is better then
> Ant (I'm probably not the best person for that anyways.)
> Here are the details of my proposal:
> 1.) Minor changes to the svn structure to become more Maven friendly.
> These are minor changes to the directory layout and the result will be
> something similar to what we have in the test repository.[1]
> Changes will be made to the trunk only.  We will also backup the
> current structure (like we did before the last reorg) so nothing will
> be lost and we can go back to the old if things don't work.
> 2.) Abandon (but do not remove) the current Ant scripts.  I don't
> think they're worth changing.  It will be much simpler to focus on the
> maven script and just push through the pain.
> 3.) Temporarily abandon the nightly builds.  Make an announcement on
> the user list that nightly builds will be unavailable for the next
> week or two while we get the new infrastructure setup.  The nightly
> builds rely on the Ant scripts.
> 4.) New Mavenized website.  Slowly migrate to a Maven generated
> website.  At first only the essential pieces will be there (basic
> overview, mailing list and jira info, etc.)  Once the site is being
> automated and published it will be easy to add pieces back each day.
> 5.) Move to a solaris zone for building the nightlies and publishing
> the website.
> I think the best way to proceed with this is to jump right in and push
> through.  Bruno has offered to help and the Tobago team has already
> provided some assistance.  Wendy and James from the Struts team have
> offered to help when possible and now John Fallows is offering his
> assistance.
> I will go ahead with the reorg in the next few days if I get enough
> +1.  Keep in mind that the existing maven script already builds the
> jar files so developers will continue to have access to the latest and
> greatest.  Also keep in mind that I have done one SVN reorg for
> MyFaces already and that with SVN its easy to "roll back" if we aren't
> happy with the results.
> Thoughts?
> Sean
> [1]

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