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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject Re: Facelet support in MyFaces [Was: svn commit: r356552 - in /incubator/tobago/trunk: src/site/fml/faq.fml tobago-theme/tobago-theme-richmond/pom.xml]
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 22:02:11 GMT
On 12/19/05, Thomas Spiegl <> wrote:
>  I didn't know the ant task on SF. Would have saved some time.

If I had known you were planning on writing an ant task, I would have
mentioned it :)

>  We should add the taghandlers to our tomahawk project by adding them to
>  a) tomahawk/src/java
>  b) tomahawk/src/facelets
>  Regardless of which version we take, I think the handler should move into
>  the same package as the component itself
>  eg. GraphicImageDynamicComponentHandler moves into
> org.apache.myfaces.custom.graphicimagedynamic
> The same procedure applies for sandbox.
>  What do you think?

I think having the class in the same package is good.   I don't know
if it's as good to have the class in the same folder.    Whatever we
do should be generic enough so that we can support other viewhandlers
in the future (like Shale Clay).

I'm still unclear on how to deal with the new facelets jar dependency.

If you'd like some examples for testing, you can get two facelet
component handler classes for the sandbox from here (apache 2.0
licensed), courtesy Peter Mahoney and myself:

If you want to also make sure you're supporting non-component tag
handlers for facelets, you can find a facelets tag handler for
UpdateActionListener (apache 2.0 licensed) at this link, courtesy of
Andrew Robinson:

If things slow down later this week, I will devote some time to
converting over tomahawk and sandbox examples to facelets and jspx.

As soon as we figure out how we're going to support facelets, I can
also start adding any other needed component handlers to MyFaces.


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