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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject Facelet support in MyFaces [Was: svn commit: r356552 - in /incubator/tobago/trunk: src/site/fml/faq.fml tobago-theme/tobago-theme-richmond/pom.xml]
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 18:07:56 GMT
On 12/14/05, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:
> we haven't as we still have some open bugs which prevent working
> Facelets perfectly with MyFaces. So this is a hen-egg problem. If we
> got rid of those bugs, we'd use Facelets more, if Facelets was used
> more, there might be someone inclined to get rid of those bugs ;).

As facelets end-user #1 (so I'm told), I can say that facelets has
worked, and continues to work, fine with MyFaces (I have used MyFaces
and facelets exclusively the last 6 months).   There's a few tomahawk
and sandbox components out there that need better facelet support, and
hopefully I can be instrumental in getting that developed, as time
permits, but most of them work "as-is" right now.

One of the things I'd like to see happen is to have the facelets
taglib.xml files generated automatically for the tomahawk and sandbox
components.   That's probably going to require getting code generation
working again, and I haven't had a chance to review that part of the
project.  I think the Shale/Clay folks would like to see similar
functionality provided for their view handler.

The other thing that will be helpful is to get some facelet component
tag handler classes written and added to the myfaces codebase for
those components that have non-ActionSource method bindings (or
non-pass-through Tag code behavior).   This will require a build-time
dependency on facelets for tomahawk and sandbox, so it might need to
be done in such a way as to make building these classes optional.

And, of course, we need some examples.   As Adam has mentioned,
facelet xhtml pages are so close to jspx pages that often times you
can "convert" between the two simply by renaming them.   Unfortunately
(and I haven't looked at the examples in detail recently, so I could
be wrong), the examples are mostly in jsp, and contain a lot of
embedded scriptlets.


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