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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Moving forward on the Oracle donation
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 21:02:18 GMT
On 12/29/05, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> That was my understanding as well.  It would seem to apply to this
> project where the integration work to be done is rather daunting and
> it remains to be seen if those that want to see it happen will put in
> the work to make it happen.

Experimental codebase is why projects have sandboxes.

Since we are already an ASF project, the only value-add of 
experimenting in the Incubator, rather than our own sandbox, is the
opportunity to bypass the meritocratic process and have the Incubator
PMC create Apache accounts for the ADF developers on speculation.

Since we have a working project, I believe the ADF developers should
earn their karma the old fashioned way. For this effort to succeed, I
believe that we also need the support of the existing MyFaces
committers. If the success of this product is dependant on salaried
Oracle developers, then we should stop now.

As to who would help, so far we've seen one definate

+1 == I myself will help

and it came from Gary VanMatre, who is an Apache Struts Committer.

If we are going to move forward with this, we will need a lot more
people to weigh in and say that they themselves will help. But, at
this point, few of us really know what we would be helping with.
Oracle has not filed the grant paperwork, nor posted a snapshot. We
are the blind leading the blind.

Under the circumstances, I would suggest that we table the thread
until the snapshot is available, and we all know what it is that we
are discussing. We can't expect people to volunteer to refactor a
codebase that most of us haven't seen, or seen since April.


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