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From Adam Winer <>
Subject Re: Partial validation
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 01:31:50 GMT
On 12/28/05, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:

> I thought so ;)
> Ok, I'm going to add a subform-component to my approach. I still need
> the attribute on the command-components, though, cause in my use-case
> (and probably many out there) the command component may be _outside_
> the subform-component.

af:subform has a "default" attribute which handles the
most common scenario where this comes up.

> Additionally, I might have commands which don't
> trigger validation and update for _any_ subform at all, even if they
> are children of a subform.

That's "immediate", right?

> Or do you have an idea for handling this as well?
> It's a PITA that I need the behaviour right now and can't switch in
> neither Tobago (they have something like this as well, but the
> components don't work together with normal Tomahawk components) nor
> ADF - it not being in incubator so far.

Well, ya could just download ADF Faces for now... :)

> We should get the process of merging together the component sets finished ASAP.

I think the first priority should be making sure the component sets
work together!

-- Adam

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