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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: Moving forward on the Oracle donation
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 16:21:01 GMT

Thanks for the offer of help, Simon.  I do think we can even increase
our standpoint of _the_ JSF community here at Apache with adding the
ADF Faces sourcebase.

we really ought to wait for the snapshot now.

I think we all expect that ADF Faces would be a good adition to the
MyFaces source-base.

Let's wait for the snapshot to really check it out, and then decide on
how to move forward.



On 12/31/05, Simon Kitching <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just wanted to say that however it works out, I'm very happy to see
> Oracle looking at releasing the source to the ADF library.
> When Obsidium were starting the current JSF-based project I looked
> around for JSF libraries and came across the ADF stuff. It has many
> excellent-looking components that aren't available elsewhere. It was
> with great disappointment that I finally located the license terms, and
> realised that ADF wasn't an option for our project.
> I'm also sure that Oracle has many talented developers and that there
> are many ideas in ADF that can be used to improve the Tomahawk components.
> Having said that, the issues being discussed about community and
> integration into MyFaces are important. Having ADF available as open
> source is definitely a benefit to the world. Whether having it as part
> of MyFaces is good or bad depends upon whether a good team spirit and
> diverse developer base can be created. I have seen cases before where a
> group of developers are all co-located, and design decisions are clearly
> being made "off-line"; that's not good for community. In addition,
> Apache now has a number of projects which have effectively "died", which
> reflects poorly on Apache; to avoid this it's necessary to get a diverse
> group of people active on a project. In the end, while I would really
> *like* to see ADF as part of the MyFaces project we might keep in mind
> the idea that it doesn't *have* to be an Apache project in order to be
> open source. And MyFaces can (and does) work together with other
> non-Apache open source projects. ADF should become part of MyFaces only
> if the technical and social fit is right.
> I personally am looking forward to seeing the ADF source, and
> contributing what time I can to the ADF/MyFaces integration. That will
> be on my own time, though, so no promises how many hours that will be..
> Regards,
> Simon


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