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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: Moving forward on the Oracle donation
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 19:59:43 GMT
I clearly haven't understood the concept of the incubator then.

I really thought the incubator was there to make sure that a community
builds up around a codebase - a healthy community built from corporate
developers, freelancers interested in the project, volunteers,
students and whoever else wants to join in. A good mixture, as I'd
like to put it. Call it a sandbox for Apache projects - I really
thought it was something like this...

As I understood it, the incubation process was there to make sure that
as soon as there is a healthy community alive and kicking, we can
proudly take in this project; as part of an existing project (or even
as a new TLP).



On 12/29/05, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> On 12/28/05, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:
> > Same objections here.
> >
> > How is Oracle going to maintain code when they don't have the ability to commit?
> >
> > Plus, I think the MyFaces PMC was expecting to be able to hold a last
> > final vote at the time when ADF faces gets out of the incubator. We'd
> > need to discuss this on the PMC again if we do things differently.
> >
> > Or, to put it another way, we only voted for ADF faces to be able to
> > get into the incubator, not out of the incubator so far.
> When we started the process, the only option was to create a podling
> in the Incubator and then move the podling to a TLP or into an
> existing TLP. Some podlings have moved through the Incubator in weeks
> and others in months, and at least one failed Incubation.
> Since then, the IP Clearance protocol was invented. Here, the
> Incubator decides if the code *can* be licensed to the foundation, and
> the receiving TLP, as the domain experts, decide if the code *should*
> be licensed to the foundation. Since there is an existing project, any
> new committers can earn their karma in the usual way.
> Personally, I don't like the idea of using the Incubator like a
> sandbox. What's being suggested is that we set the ADF Faces codebase
> up there, give a set of corporate developers Apache accounts, and see
> if they can work collaboratively with us.
> I don't believe the Incubator should be used to short-circuit the
> meritocratic process. We do have people with ADF experience who have
> been contributing to the user community for more than six months now.
> If other ADF developers have not bothered to become involved in
> MyFaces, I don't see why we should give them a free pass now.
> If the MyFaces community, as it stands today, is not ready to receive
> this donation, then it might be better to setup a SourceForge project
> instead. The MyFaces and ADF developers could collaborate on work
> together at SourceForge, and then decide if it should be part of
> MyFaces or not.
> -Ted.


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