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From Jacob Hookom <>
Subject Re: Faces Freeway
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 07:49:56 GMT

If you can standardize on the EJB3 spec, then you can piggy back on 
JBoss Seam for TX management and state management while concentrating on 
useful UI components-- I've debated this a bit, but JBoss is taking the 
route of code generation at this point for rails-ish support, but I 
would like to see dynamic UIComponents such as the ones you are pitching 
that can work off of reading EJB3 meta data types.

-- Jacob

Mario Ivankovits wrote:

> Hi Jacob!
>> Have you looked at JBoss Seam?  As soon as you start dipping into 
>> Persistence and JSF, then Seam already has a lot of the coordination 
>> completed via Annotations.  I do see some really good ideas around 
>> components in the UI, something that I've wanted in the JSF spec 
>> actually for a while.
> I know JBoss Seam, and there is much value in JBoss Seam, but it does 
> nothing to present the data to the user, its just a thin layer between 
> JSF and Hibernate(EntityManager) to get rid of all those 
> DetachedObject/DuplicateObject Exceptions (you know what I mean?).
> This has been done by allow an easy way to use the 
> session-per-application-transaction pattern.
> So Seam is great stuff, but wont help much here.
> ---
> Mario

Jacob Hookom - Minneapolis

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